Friday 13 November 2009

Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, Shake Your Bushy Tail..

Do squirrels eat tulip bulbs? We have a resident black squirrel who, I think, lives in the tree which is growing in our back porch. We haven't christianed him yet, but we see him all day everyday, darting around our tiny patch of grass and stoned patio. He'd even peek in through our glass doors to take a look at us!

Well, he has been a real rascal and dug lots of holes in the spots where Jon had planted tulip bulbs. Jon's aunt was telling us how thrilling it is for her to see little tulips popping out from under the snow each year as a sign that Spring is approaching. We thought it'd be fun to replicate that experience. We'll find out in the Spring if squirrels eat tulip bulbs. kw

Sunday 18 October 2009

Fun at the Movies

I'm still reeling over the cost of taking the whole family to the movies today. Even with discounted tickets that Jon purchased from his college, we've concluded that it is too much to fit any more of these outings into our budget. The kids understand. And there are other options. Buying the DVD is still way cheaper, plus we'd get to watch the movies over and over.

We watched "Cloudy With The Chance of Meatballs." We let Dan pick, and we weren't surprised by his choice. He's been asking and patiently waiting many weeks for the chance to watch it. It was a pleasant surprise that it was being shown in 3D. We all enjoyed it. kw

Thursday 1 October 2009

Climbing Trees

Riverdale Farm
Originally uploaded by The Wongs
For some reason or other, Dan has suddenly become very interested in climbing trees. For example, on our recent visit to the Riverdale farm, he was attempting to climb every tree in sight. The shot on this post was one "successful" attempt. I put the word in quotes because I actually had to help him up the tree before he clung onto the branch.

Wonder what it is about boys and trees? I remember being the same way at his age...

Friday 11 September 2009


Dan returned from school yesterday excited about his first piece of homework assignment. He had to fill in a worksheet by drawing a picture and completing several sentences about his family. I helped him with the spelling of a couple of words, then left the room to go to the bathroom. And what did I find when I returned? Him in his school clothes (ugh!) curled up in my bed, fast asleep! Nothing like homework to make you feel sleepy in the afternoon, huh!

And so the school year begins!

ps: He said to his YehYeh when he woke up from his nap, "I fell asleep on the job!" -kw-

Sunday 26 July 2009

On the Move Again

We're on the move again... This time to Canada. I will be enrolling as a doctoral student at Wycliffe College, at the University of Toronto this fall. So we'll be back on the N. American continent and we're going to have to cope with colder climes once again. We're restarting the blog and we hope to keep you updated with the Wong Life. And of course, Karen will be doing most of the writing to keep you informed (and entertained) with the new adventures up ahead.

We'd also like to invite you to write back or comment, because we do value hearing from you guys as well!