Friday 13 November 2009

Grey Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, Shake Your Bushy Tail..

Do squirrels eat tulip bulbs? We have a resident black squirrel who, I think, lives in the tree which is growing in our back porch. We haven't christianed him yet, but we see him all day everyday, darting around our tiny patch of grass and stoned patio. He'd even peek in through our glass doors to take a look at us!

Well, he has been a real rascal and dug lots of holes in the spots where Jon had planted tulip bulbs. Jon's aunt was telling us how thrilling it is for her to see little tulips popping out from under the snow each year as a sign that Spring is approaching. We thought it'd be fun to replicate that experience. We'll find out in the Spring if squirrels eat tulip bulbs. kw

1 comment:

  1. Haha so nice to have a new 'pet' that comes for free! aiyah if squirrel likes to eat tulip bulbs then plant more for its sake some will sprout tulips and some will be its food! ;p